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uchiha_crack's Journal

Because we're just that fucked up
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Uchiha_Crack is moderated by compagnie and spacehussy. Crack, Uchiha Boys, and Sex is welcome.

Want to write Obito/Shisui/Itachi/Sasuke? Be our guests! This community is for all you fellow crack addicts out there who love the Uchihas. Don't know who the Uchiha Boys are? Then you probably haven't heard of Naruto, and if you haven't heard of Naruto then I suggest you stay far away from here.

Also, this community will probably (read: frequently) have topics that may revolve around things inappropriate for children. So, be mature, we are not your parents, if you are too young to be here then stay out.

Flames? Er. What flames? Why would anyone want to flame this place? Go ahead but you will be laughed at, ignored, or banned. Fun, yeah? We don't really care about your opinion, honestly.

The RP Moments by compagnie and spacehussy can be found in the memories by order of posting and date. Please check there if you want to find a specific log or start reading the story from the beginning. This story is now complete.

Obligatory Rules:

When posting fanart, icons or fanfic please post it behind a cut. When posting material that is not worksafe, label it!

All fanfiction should follow this process:

Author Notes: (if wanted)

See? Not hard! Now then, onto the good stuff...

art, fanfic, icons, itachi, itasasu, obisasu, obito, obito/shisui/itachi/sasuke, pr0n, sasuke, shisui, slash, uchiha, uchihacest, yaoi