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I figured it was cracky enough for this comm. :)

Title: Without Looking Back

Author: Hana J.

Rating: R

Pairings: Yondaime/Sasuke, (maybe) Kakashi/Sasuke, Obito/Sasuke

Summary: Sasuke wakes in a different time, missing his eye, with no way back.

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Here's your crappy Birthday Fic! I have two other fics in the works for you! Don't worry!

Title: project: MEMBER - A Giant Burrito
Author: Enkidu
Rating: R
Pairing: Itachi/Sasuke, light mentions of Kakuzu/Hidan
Warnings: Yaoi. CRACK!!!!!!!!! Purposeful use of OoC-ness. Bad language. Pointless smut. Plenty of idiocy and WTF??-ness. Possible spoilers for my version of how the series should end.
Summary: Sasuke's mentally incapacitated, Kisame's really confused, and Itachi is just blind. Also, Tobi is destined to be crapped on by the Akatsuki.  All of the Akatsuki make a cameo!
Notes: Please don't attempt to take this seriously -_-;;

The patrons in the bar all turned around as two figures entered, one carrying what looked like a large burrito over his shoulder.
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Naruto - Teh AWESOME

ItaSasu FST Re-upload

Hi everyone!

This is a re-upload of icefalcon's FST for Itachi x Sasuke. lykomancer was kind enough to feed my addiction of this pairing and your_antagonist asked where the tracks were (and drew that yummy doujin *fans self*), so I am just paying it forward. Because a song like "Mr. Self-Destruct" makes destruction sound soooo good.

TracksCollapse )

If this is inappropriate, tell me and I'll take this post down. Otherwise, enjoy. ♥

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Ita fanfics!

Itachi fanfics, get 'em while they're angsty!!!

WARNINGS: Perfect contains implied non-con between Fugaku and Ita, as if that weren't enough, it's shota drunken shota non-con. It's also a songfic, but that's not a real warning.

WARNINGS: Fluffy, if I write it right. You can also find it on 50_Themes.
50 Sides of ItaSasu
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Sasuke - Sasutachi Bringing Sexy Back

SasuSasu is <3

This is my first color bar. I made it since my IC!Sasuke is in a relationship with an OOC!Sasuke in narplicity and well, there are a lack of SasuSasu color bars! I decided to share this with everyone else incase there's another out there that supports this awesome crack pairing!

( This cut is a bunshin. )
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