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Title: Acceptance
Author: tango_of_doom
Pairing: ItachixShisui
Genre: Tragedy/Gen; 100 wrd drabble
Rating: Worksafe
Warnings: character death
Summary: It's not the water he can feel ...

When he hits the water, he can’t hear anything anymore. (He never needed to, really.) But it is not cold, and it is not warm (-numb.) And so he does not do much at all, in fact. It is a sinking feeling. Like he is (drowning) floating.
But not really.


What had started out as a proposition of death, ended with none other than a body underneath water. (Not screaming. Not begging and not pleading for life to go on. No. This was his choice. His sacrifice. Because he-) They (-loved him-) loved.

(-so much.)

And the Prodigy prevailed.


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