Lady Lamb (tsuzukinoai) wrote in uchiha_crack,
Lady Lamb

[Fic, ItaShi] Rot, Light R

Title: Rot
Author: tsuzukinoai
Genre: Naruto
Subgenre: Angst
Summary: [Author clumsily explores the Shisui-as-Itachi Theory.] Shisui is not surprised at his durability, but he is surprised by Itachi's unexpected lackthereof. "Itachi-kun. I hate you, Itachi-kun."
Rated: Light R for implied incest, and non-graphic violence.
Author's Note: I wrote this awhile ago, and - since I'm now pretty much de-lurkering myself (what the hell kind of verb is that?) and on a total fan fiction trip can you say "NEW CHAPTER OF NTW PLS"? Anybody? I CAN't HEEEAAAAR YOOOOUUUU. - I figured I'd show it around. It's not the best thing I've written, and it makes very little sense unless you keep up with fujiappletan and I, and I doubt any of you do. WHY AM I THE ONLY AVID LOVER OF THIS PAIRING, FUJI, WHY.
Note: Shisui is really, really creepy in this one. Lot's of not-being-specific-ness. I'm not altogether happy with the way it came out because it's fucking choppy, sheez (THIS IS WHAT GROWING PAINS LOOKED LIKE WHEN I STARTED WRITING IT) but the theory has totally got me hooked and I'll porbably write more on it. Oh. And Itachi is like. REALLY YOUNG in comparison to Shisui. For whatever reason. Because I love ItaShisu!shouta. Shoot me.

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